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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Corporate Chabad -Bankrupt!

We'll miss you Chezky . . . Posted by Picasa

The following is a paid adverstisment for the society for the advancement of Dutch culture

U Amerikanen roept die dunne gele plakken kaas?
Nu is dit een kaas!
Holland - het Nederlands voor kaas

(You Americans call those thin yellow slices cheese?
Now this is a cheese!
Holland –Dutch for cheese)

In the News:

Today we went to the "old" city, I say old in quotation marks because the virtualy the whole Warsaw was destroyed during the war . . . what is seen today is nothing more then a reconstruction of what was (along with an "original" brick or two)

The new "old" city -rather nice looking, but keep in mind that for all its worth, it could be built in a lot in LA

A (real) original building from the time of the Ghetto

Corporate Chabad -Bankrupt!

It's very easy to find fault in the world around us . . . So and So the Shliach doesn't do his job.
The System sent me on the wrong shlichus . . . the system fails to educate our children, we need . . . better Mashpiem . . . real training for our teachers . . . Social workers . . . The System did . . . the System didn't . . . the System . . . The . . . The . . . The . . . ad nauseam

All of it is true, the problems are out there, visible, sometimes all too glaringly . . .
But as piercing as our analysis may be of the problem, as brilliant as our answers on . . . the problems persist.
Chabad's 2002 budget came approached 1 billion dollars (That aint small Z
ŁOTY my friend . . . and yes, I am quoting "The Rebbe's Army") and yet it is bankrupt.
Bankrupt in its bureaucracy, yet thriving and pulsating. . .
It's not Y or A or M that make Lubavitch what it is . . . We are Lubavitch and it is our job to make the change. We are the Rebbe's Shluchim -his children.
We will conquer the world, but it must be done by first by conquering the small world (The microcosm -the heart with in)
We as individuals can not change the system, not because we lack the power, but because we have created it and bound ourselves with in it.
Rather, we must make the changes in ourselves, in the lives of individuals around us . . .
To save a life is to save the whole world. If we can work on ourselves (and by saying our I mean my) and touch just one person, then that touched individual will change the life of someone else, who in turn . . . ad infinitum
E Pluribus Unum . . . from the many we will reveal the One


Dovid said...

The success of 'corporate chabad' is the churban of lubavitch. we have to inject the soul back in!

The Flying Dutch Jew said...

Fantastisch Mordechai ga zo door je leerd het nodig

Mottel said...

The success of 'corporate chabad' is not contradictory to the soul of Lubavitch . . . rather we must not loose sight of the ikar and assume that since the body is health, we need not work on the soul.

Dovid said...

Mottel, I stand corrected. I meant that at this point the body is excelling at the cost of the soul. But in theory, one shouldn't negate the other.