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Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Obama and Our New American Lexicon

obama & fillmore, san francisco by *takeitez*.

The SFGate reported that a group of pranksters went around the Bay area Bush St. in the wee hours of inaugural morning and covered up every mention of Bush with Obama tape (Don't worry - it was double sided tape . . . whatever)

I thought about writing about the inauguration . . . How I was worried that the drool of the Mainstream media might cause my computer to short - and that their cries of pleasure and delight behind the event bordered on the the orgasmic.
But I had work to do that day . . .
When my internet went out, and I ended up going to Park Slope to get online, I chilled somewhat.

Seeing a young black man drawing a picture of the new Commander in Chief in a large french-vanilla etching book, made me think for a moment about the true sense of pride he must have felt. Yes I have my share of criticism for the African-American community, especially its leadership, but at that moment I felt that perhaps everything might just be ok.

Then I saw this crap.


Seriously people. I don't agree with Barack . . . I've listed some of my problems on this blog in the past, and most of my grievances have remained, some have grown.
However, I respect him as the leader of the greatest country on Earth (Let ye Religious Zionists note, I speak of government here . . .).

Can we stop with those already? Holding a bitter and petty grudge, cloaked in an asinine cloud of narcissism and smugness is, in my books at least, the very antithesis of Hope and Change. You have your cake, now eat it!

Shtick like this is lame . . .

The street is not named after George W. Bush, it isn't named after his father . . . it's a historic street over 160 years old!

Epic Fail!

But since we wish to expunge the word bush from our lexicon, switching it to the shinier new Obama might I make a few suggestions . . .

When you make a trip into the Australian Outback, you've spent your time in the Obama.

Those Minor League Baseball times that nobody seems care about are part of the Obama League.

Mothers will sagely remind their children that a bird in the hand is worth two in the Obama.

People will go to the zoo to see Obama Babies.
(I won't beat around the Bush Obama . . . that one was extremely offensive - but if were going to do this, let's do it all the way)

Oh, and that lovely Sewage Treatment plant . . . Should be called the George W. Obama Sewage Plant.

Well then, this post has exhausted me . . . I guess you can say I'm Obama'd.

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sarabonne said...

Ha, try going to a liberal art school. The find out I'm conservative and I won't make it out alive.

LE7 said...

Sarabonne - you're telling me. My school is suoer-duper liberal. I couldn't voice a single opinion the last year for fear of being dragged out back and pistol whipped.

Mottel said...

I feel you both . . . I'm from LA. Try speaking to anyone from the left coast. Forget it! But LE7, can't you shoot a gun? You ought to be safe!

LE7 said...

Yes, but I don't have a license or a gun.

Cheerio said...

LA? HA! berkeley. i was raised amongst the enemy.

Mottel said...

-Cheerio: For all I know, you're the enemy spy! No one can be from Berkeley and not be tainted .. .

sarabonne said...

Sorry to burst your bubble folks but my CLASSMATES are the ones who worked on Obamas campaign.
When he won, there were parties, when he was inagurated, there was champagne.
and of course it wasn't kosher so I couldn't have an of it.

Sefirah said...

oh sarabonne, I do feel your pain.

All I see around here are Obama love signs. Parents at preschool tell me "Abigail is excited for the inauguration!" um - Abigail isn't even two yet.

Hebrew school students (2nd grade) cut out pictures of Obama and tell me its 'an act of kindness' because he's smiling -- or look! 'theyre sharing the Obama sign'... 'if I were old enough, I'd vote for Obama"

a toast was made to Obama's first shabbos as president..


yee haw!

LE7 said...

Even in Georgia? Aren't they red down there?

sarabonne said...

Oh dear.

Sefirah said...

not in atlanta...

LE7 said...

Ahh, just like Milwaukee vs. Wisconsin.