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Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama and the Wall

And now for some current events . . .

There's currently a bit of a frack over the publication of Obama's petition of prayer at the Western Wall -various blogs have commented in disgust over the audacity of both the Maariv for publishing the note and the "Jewish seminary student" who took it. They are right -such actions are wrong- and Rabbinowitz, the rabbi of the Kotel has made a point of stating as such.

However, when all is said and done, I have my doubts that this was an authentic invasion of the good senator's privacy -I feel rather strongly that it's a publicity stunt.

Obama is a charismatic figure, a demagogue that wields his (pseudo)messianic charm to great effect. For a 'personal' letter to be exposed, filled with heartfelt and humbled platitudes for Divine help . . . Barack would then be seen as not only a savior, but a humble one to boot! What could be more fitting an addition to a world tour that as it is, is designed only as a large publicity stunt? (Then again if one wishes to run for President under such vague notions as "Change" and "Hope" why can't he pray in clichés as well?)

Let's look at some facts here:

-one must wonder about the difficulty of finding Obama's note amongst the myriad of others.
-dozens of other 'celebrities' have been to the Kosel before, yet none of their notes have ever been removed for media consumption (though one must admit that the US Media's fervor over Obama may have catapulted him to even greater celebrity status then others)
-What is even more odd is the response from the Obama camp -to quote CNN,
"Obama's senior strategist Robert Gibbs told CNN, "We haven't confirmed nor denied" that the note is from the Illinois senator."

Doing a quick search on Technorati, it seems I'm not alone in my suspicions.

Interestingly, the previous pope, Wojtyła's note can be seen online . . . and was published by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (it would seem that it had been made public before hand)
-now his kvittel seems far more sincere.

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Nemo said...

Dude, please.

That note's not vague, it's the request of a good Christian. They talk like that about pride, etc.

It really wouldn't be hard to find the note right after it was stuck in the wall where everyone present saw him standing.

Mottel said...

I changed the wording slightly to better reflect my intent . . . Obama is not a particularly religious man (if he was, given his affiliation with Wright, I would be worried).

Who was near enough to him at the time to see? Not any yeshivah bochurim -dude, please

me said...

Firstly, thanks for keeping us informed on current events :)
I have a few questions...
Does it really make such a difference if it were a publicity stunt or not?
Don't most (if not all) people running for office put their every movement on the public spectrum, and want it so?
What's the difference? Is he complaing that the note was taken?

Nemo said...

Me- Mottel is breaking this story three days late, hardly current events.

Mottel- Christian religiosity doesn't require the devoutness that you might be used to from a "religious man." He spoke simple virtues which all men hold common but Christians focus on for building character.

Did you expect him to make a Hachlata or something?

Anonymous said...

who cares about the intention of his letter or if it was a publicity stunt. If this is covered by the world press it's just a reflection on the guy that stole it. People are going to wonder how serious we take our own holy sites and customs, when a letter to G-d is being taken from the wall....

...we need to think, when we act we don't represent ourselves. we represent all Jews.

Mottel said...

-ME: As Nemo said, if you get your current events from Letters of Thought, you're in trouble. As to your questions:
It matters in the sense of his character -if the letter is real, then it would reveal a deeper humbler side of him then I thought (though it won't change my opinion on his policies). -Those running do put themselves in the public spectrum, which is why I question if the letter is really stolen (Again, by all means it could be it was taken . . . But I have a slight suspicion to the other effect). -He hasn't complained about the note, but the media is making a stink of it (to some degree rightfully so, but me thinks it has much to do with the sickening hype of all things Obama)

-Nemo: Notice I said religious, not devout . . . Obama is a secular individual for the most part. Bush is devout. The Kennedys are not etc. When Jesse Jackson came to counsel Bill Clinton on adultery or when he signed a document 'in the yea of our lord[sic]' do you think Slick Willy is a reverent x-tian?

What is more according to Maariv, Obama approved the message! according to Haaretz:
"Ma'ariv issued a response Sunday, saying that "Obama's note was published in Ma'ariv and other international publications following Obama's authorization to make the content of the note public. Obama submitted a copy of the note to media outlets when he left his hotel in Jerusalem."

-Anon you're right.

The Lord Has Spoken said...

Here is the response which Obama received:

Dear Senator Obama:

Thank you for your letter. Unfortunately, the authorities whom I have placed in charge of My holiest site did not see it fit to fine you for desecrating it by placing your campaign posters there. I also know full well that you embarrassed My chosen people by your claiming that this letter was leaked by an errant yeshiva student when it was public to begin with.

Therefore, I decree that you will remain no more than Senator Obama until 2010, after which you will return to your well-deserved status of private citizen.

If you do not engage in any similar behavior during the rest of your campaign, I may allow you to make some money by giving private lectures to the more foolish of My creations who will actually pay to hear your inane ramblings.


The Lord

Mottel said...

Cute . . . Itzhak, can I assume that this is your work?

TheLordHasSpoken said...

How dare you question the identity of the Lord?
Do you really think that of Creedmoor he is bored?
And since the Three Weeks is a time that is slow
He is posting on every blog he does know.

me said...

Thanks for the answers :)

Mottel said...

Little Green Footballs seems to be following a similar line of thinking.

Mottel said...

It seems I was wrong . . . I'll be the first to admit it -here is a video of the purported letter thief.