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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Go Ride a Bike

The other day we parked in front of this car . . .

The back looked like this . . .

The sticker reads "Bring Them Home!" with a peace sign beneath.

My friend called out -"I bet you there's an Obama sticker on the side!"

He called it.

I don't have any strong feelings about driving a German car . . .
Nor about driving an expensive car.
Yet somehow driving a fancy new 'Beemer' with anti-war stickers seemed wrong.
If you care about the war, ride a bike.
I plan on stopping these conservative style posts and get back to stuff with more content . . . not that my opinions have changed, but rather because I find them tiresome.
After writing about chickens I got PETA Adsense ads, the last thing I want is an Obama 08' ad!

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tikkunger said...

Nice I love it! Only thing that might have made it better would be a JC fish next to it!

Mottel said...

I'm glad that we finally see eye to eye on something . . . :-)

tikkunger said...

But I am being serious! I think its an illegal war and your troops need to come home! And I think its great that someone seems to be able to make money without selling out their values!

And as for Jesus, well everything is just better with Jesus.

Mottel said...

Whatever . . .

tikkunger said...


Mr Bagel said...

Mottel, I had to chuckle the two ads in you top google ad bar are:

Animals and the Law
Jonathan D'Arcy lawyer experienced in legal matters concerning Animals


Animal Rights Stuff
The shirts that speak for animals! Veg tanks, hats, totes & buttons.

Im horrified that Obama is going to come!

Or even worse the previous subject matter!

Shalom Aaron
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